72U Mobile

with Hook Studios and 72andSunny

The challenge

72andSunny, AdWeek's 2013 U.S. Agency of the Year, decided to launch an in-house training program to develop the next generation of advertising prodigies. The program, dubbed 72U, needed a website that was becoming of an agency of such high acclaim.

This website's main purpose was to showcase what the "university" aimed to do and make the application process simple, all while maintaining the sophisticated essence of 72andSunny.

My role

Production of the website was broken down into three pieces: desktop, mobile and a backend to route traffic and aggregate application submissions. I tackled the latter two.

As a cross-platform smartphone experience, the mobile site needed to balance performance, ease of use and polish. I implemented Zepto.js, a lightweight cousin of jQuery to facilitate faster download times and speed up script execution. This, coupled with a modular development approach using Require.js, led to a lean, performant mobile experience.

For users who were filling out the rather lengthy application on their mobile device, I utilized the LocalStorage API to persist the form data across browser crashes and page reloads. There were no reports of lost applications.

As for the backend, I developed a small, custom administration section to deal with viewing and exporting application data. This made it simple to monitor incoming submissions.

The result

72U launched without a hiccup and quickly began seeing applications roll in. 72andSunny has held several successful sessions of 72U and doesn't show any signs of stopping.

The speed and responsiveness of the mobile website lead to an exceptionally smooth user experience, and the backend has remained very stable.

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Year: 2013
Role: Development