Oreo's Cookie vs. Creme

with Hook Studios and Wieden+Kennedy

The challenge

Oreo's "Cookie vs. Creme" campaign kicked off with ads run during Super Bowl XLVII. A major component of this was the Cookie vs. Creme Hub, a microsite to aggregate the campaign's various pieces: video spots, an Instagram contest and a cookie/creme lovers quiz.

The site needed to dynamically update to reveal time-sensitive additions, as well as be performant enough to handle the high level of traffic created by Oreo-loving football fans.

My role

Given some initial designs, I was tasked with creating the front-end of the website. I determined that building a static website would be the best way to ensure a high level of performance under stress. That meant no server-side processing to determine which content to display. For a site that was to have rolling releases of new features, this was more than a minor challenge.

Rather than deploying a new version of the site for each update, I used Require.js to build a system of Javascript components that would begin showing themselves at predefined times. This, combined with some date parsing, made it possible to upload the site content once and let the updates happen at their pre-scheduled times.

The result

The site was finished with plenty of time to spare before the Super Bowl. The campaign was well received and there was a good deal of traffic to the Cookie vs. Creme Hub.

The site performed well and I didn't lose any sleep worrying about whether content updates were appearing. I'd call that a success.

Year: 2013
Role: Development