with Jason Solo

The challenge

elvves ltd. is an Australian business specializing in placing "interims." Many would say interim is just another word for contractor or temp, however elvves sees a difference. In their own words, "Interims are experts; masters in their fields who have made a conscious decision to structure their working lives around projects, not permanent roles."

With their focus on high-calibre, temporary job placement, elvves needed a website that was sophisticated yet fun. Also, this new site needed to integrate with a pre-existing CRM that powered their service.

My role

The beautiful, intricate designs were created by Jason Solo and handed off to me to faithfully render in the browser. They called for a good deal of parallaxed backgrounds and dynamic element placement.

As the majority of the site is one long, scrolling page, I implemented the ability to link directly to a specific section by manipulating the URI fragment identifier (or hash). Built around a custom Javascript router, this hash change is bi-directional; it updates itself when the user scrolls into a new section and scrolls to a new section if it is changed manually or by a link being clicked.

Parallaxing of elements was accomplished by listening to the window's "scroll" event and, if a section is visible in the frame, repositioning multiple background elements.

Attached to the primary navigation were a pair of dropdown modal menus for logging in to the service and contacting elvves. These were particularly fun and tricky to build because of their animation and dynamic resizing.

After launching the website, I also ported the design aesthetic over to the company's tumblr blog. Because of the intricacy of some of the layout, this proved to be as big of a challenge as building the website itself!

The result

The construction of the elvves website was done over just two weeks. Because of the tight turnaround, it meant a long string of early mornings and late nights.

I am proud that the final product doesn't look rushed in the slightest, and captures the full level of detail envisioned by its designer.

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Year: 2013
Role: Development