with Hook Studios

The challenge

Hook Studios was rapidly expanding their client base and turning out a seemingly endless amount of cool new work. Their previous website had been constructed in a hurry and didn't convey the sophisticated yet playful nature of the company.

A new website was commissioned to showcase the firm, its work and people. Given the other work coming out of the company, the bar was set high.

My role

As with most internal projects, the parameters for how to construct this website were pretty loose. With some initial designs and a pile of old projects, I set out to architect a comprehensive front and back end solution.

In order to create an elegant, immersive experience with seamless page loading, I decided to use the HTML5 History API. This allowed me to manipulate the URL on the fly, rendering page changes with Javascript, while still maintaining deep links to content.

Hook has a long history of producing highly polished Flash animations and banners. This fluid and tween-filled aesthetic permeates all things Hook. Using the Greensock TweenLite Javascript animation library, I was able to work with team members to include very precise animations.

Additionally, I developed a custom CMS for maintaining the website content. Using CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap, I constructed an easy to use system that allowed project managers and designers to add, remove and update the portfolio pieces displayed.

The result

After a couple months of development, Hook finally had a site that was as sophisticated as the company itself. The response from both current and prospective clients was outstanding.

The site was featured on several web design and development blogs, most notably receiving an Honorable Mention from the Awwwards.

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Year: 2013
Role: Development