Paul Gardner

with Jason Solo

The challenge

Paul Gardner, former Chairman of Grey Australia, started his own marketing consultancy firm in 2012. Designer Jason Solo came to me with a series of finely crafted designs to be built into a single, scrolling web experience.

The idea was to showcase who Paul is, what he's done, and brands he's worked with. Also, the site needed to be easily updatable by Paul and his staff.

My role

To empower the Paul Gardner team, I turned to Concrete5 for the website's CMS. It has powerful front-end, in-context editing features that make website maintenance for non-developers super simple. It also offers speed and deep customization, two things that were essential given the design requirements.

Using the Concrete5 package system, I developed multiple custom "blocks"–small modules that can be easily added to the page by administrators. This made it simple for them to manage new and existing content on the website without any HTML or Javascript knowledge.

In a similar approach to the elvves website, I used modular Javacript to add functionality to each separate section of the single page website. This included adding deep linking via the URI hash, as well as interactive content.

The result

Working on projects with similar requirements allowed me to utilize development methodologies I had already perfected. In doing so I was able to build this website in a very small amount of time while maintaining the level of precision called for in the design.

The final product reflects the experience and sophistication of the brand Paul Gardner has created for himself.

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Year: 2014
Role: Development